Top 8 Reasons To Partner With
Sublime Computer Services

  1. We Understand The Need For Your Technology To Work.  We know that your schedule is busy and downtime is not an option.  Technical problems keep you from being productive. We focus on PREVENTATIVE maintenance which ensures a FAST, RELIABLE network.
  2.  We Are Cyber-Security Experts.  We understand the importance of a SECURE network. We continually educate not only our team, but also our clients, on current best practices and techniques for security.  We also have verifications in COMPLIANCE issues of all kinds (HIPAA, PCI, Homeland Security, etc.) and are able to help your business become and/or maintain compliance and also be ready to pass an audit.
  3. We Provide 24/7/365 LIVE U.S.-Based Support.  We know there is no such thing as a “normal 9-5” day.  The need to work at any hour and from any location is important.  Our technicians are available ANYTIME you need them.
  4. We Are Locally Owned With A National Reach.  We are LOCALLY owned and operated in Middle Tennessee, but serve clients all over the country.  Many of our clients have BRANCH offices which we handle remotely. However, if the need arises, we are partnered with The 20 (a technology co-op) that provides on-site assistance.
  5. We Are Focused On Your Success.  We do more than just provide IT support. We provide IT STRATEGY.  We have regular meetings with clients to discuss their business goals and provide solutions to reach them.  This removes IT from your list of concerns and allows you to FOCUS your attention on growing your business.
  6. We Are Committed To Quality. Customer service is important to us and our goal is to EXCEED our clients’ expectations; with a >98% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION rating to prove it.  We welcome feedback on how we can make an experience better.
  7. We Document Everything. We have a THOROUGH documentation process so the technicians are knowledgeable of your business environment and network which means they can quickly address issues without you having to repeat concerns.
  8. Simple and Predictable Pricing – Guaranteed.  Our Ultimate Plan provides complete coverage for your business.  ALL labor, projects, office moves, etc. are included. This allows for a known IT spend and makes budgeting SIMPLE and PREDICTABLE.

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