Support for the most crucial aspect of your technology

Thanks to Server Support, which includes setup and configuration, from Sublime Computer Services, you’ll have your very own tailor-made server solution that is designed using hardware and software that exactly matches your requirements. You’ll enjoy much quicker data access too because your server is exactly that - your server, meaning you can finally wave goodbye to high levels of server traffic.

At Sublime Computer Services we see our team as part of your IT department. You can rely on us to make sure your server is running to the very best of its capabilities so all your business’s needs are taken care of.

Server Support from Sublime Computer Services allows you to:

  • Lower costs - budget better by reducing large upfront expenditures and eliminating server space rental costs
  • Enable growth - grow your technology in line with your company
  • Be more productive - we’ll look after your server so you can focus on your business
  • Protect yourself - when your server belongs to you your data and applications are more secure

Boost productivity and maximize security with Server Support from Sublime Computer Services.

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