Data breaches are making headline news, businesses are shutting their doors the world over due to cyberattacks, and the bad actors are getting smarter, more sophisticated, and craftier by the day. And get this...

Nearly two-thirds of SMBs have to close up shop within 6 months of getting breached.

In this dangerous digital world, our top priority is making sure you don't become another statistic. We know we can't do it alone, which is why our security stack is powered by AI and Machine Learning. With our multi-layered suite of solutions, you can rest easy knowing your data is safe from even the most relentless threat actor.


43% of breaches happen to small businesses. Protect your business with our multi-layered security solutions.

Simply put, a multi-layered approach is the only way to keep your business safe from cybercriminals in today's world. Bad actors use highly sophisticated methods and incredibly powerful software to breach a business's defenses. But when you have multiple layers of protection, the difficulty of getting past every barrier increases exponentially. Even the most determined hackers will be deterred.

Backup Disaster & Recovery

We take data backup very seriously, as we know how devastating it can be to permanently lose data at your growing business. That means backing up local, to the cloud, and even creating an offline backup for each month of the year.

Advanced Endpoint Security

Your endpoint security is your first line of defense against cyberattacks, and traditional anti-virus tools no longer cut it. Our advanced endpoint protection repels malware, phishing, and even sneaky file-less and script-based threats.

Spam Email Protection

90% of breaches start with phishing attacks, which are getting harder and harder to spot. We secure your email with a combination of the latest technical solutions as well as hands-on training for your staff — informed employees and empowered ones!

Password Management

Poor password hygiene is the downfall of countless businesses. We give you the policies, along with the technical solutions such as a leading-edge password manager and set user screen timeouts, to make sure one of your most precious forms of data doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Anywhere Firewall

Traditional firewalls don't get the job done in today's threat landscape. With our 'anywhere firewall,' you can rest easy knowing that all of your data is protected, WHEREVER it's accessed.

Security Operations Center

Experience what it's like to have your own dedicated team of cybersecurity experts watching over your entire network. Your security operations center — or 'SOC' — identifies and mitigates cyber risks before they can escalate into larger, business-disrupting problems.


Whether your data is at rest or in motion, we make sure it's heavily encrypted. So even if hackers get their hands on your data, they won't be able to use it!

Dark Web Monitoring

Knowing in real-time which passwords and accounts have been posted on the Dark Web allows you to be proactive in preventing a data breach.

But the Dark Web is a shady place, which is why we offer all of our clients Dark Web Monitoring. We go into the Dark Web so you don't have to.

Mobile Device & Physical Security

Today's cybercriminals will try to breach your business any way they can, including by hacking you’re your employees' phones and tablets, or even physically breaking into your office. Our security services are truly comprehensive, and include mobile device security and physical security solutions.

Zero Trust Architecture

"Never trust. Always verify." That's the slogan behind 'zero trust' security, and it's a vital part of protecting the modern business's network from intruders. With our zero trust architecture, you can be confident that you're securing every user, every device, every time.

Proactive Support

Whether it's leveraging automation to make sure your technology has received the latest updates and patches, or providing your staff with crucial security training, we play an active role in keeping your business safe at every level.

Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA is an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and incredibly powerful cybersecurity tool that stops 99.9% of cyberattacks that rely on stolen credentials. Even if your passwords are compromised, your data stays protected.