Prevent a problem from putting you out of business

All business owners know how important their business data is, but what an alarming number don't realize is that although the chances of a major disaster happening are fairly remote, most data loss is caused by seemingly smaller localized problems. Would your business survive if you suffered a major equipment failure caused by a tree falling through your roof, a fire caused by lightning, or a theft?

Sublime Computer Services has you covered:

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning - customized for your business needs
  • Data backup and recovery - to "bullet proof" your mission-critical data files
  • Fast recovery for files and email - get back to business quickly
  • Virtualization of failed servers - reduces downtime from days to hours
  • Remote offsite storage - ensures data security and compliance
  • Built-in archiving - more cost-effective and reliable than tape
  • 24/7 monitoring and management - ensures data integrity

In a report by the US Bureau of Labor 93% of businesses that suffer a major data loss close their doors within the next five years.

Sublime Computer Services combines planning, prevention, and protection to make sure your business flourishes no matter what life throws at you.

We protect your company against the disasters that can literally put you out of business.

Put safety first. Get in touch now.